Legal Liabilities Of Drivers To Passengers
(for comprehensive only)
  • The Road Transport Act 1987 does not make it compulsory for you as a Private Car owner, to cover your liability towards non-fare paying passengers;
  • because of this Private Car policies in Malaysia usually excludes Legal Liability to Passengers (read Endorsement 100);
  • however this does not mean that an injured passenger of a Private Car cannot successfully sue the negligent driver;
  • in view of this possibility, you might want to consider buying Legal Liability to Passenger (LLP) cover as Additional Benefits
  • LLP extension is available to both comprehensive and Third Party policies subject to additional premium;
  • LLP extension does not however, cover liability towards fare paying passengers because as a Private Car owner, you should not charge your passengers fares like a bus or a taxi;
  • note that LLP cover is compulsory in Singapore according to their law. So if you wish to take your car there, make sure you buy LLP.