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What is FPX?
An internet payment system spearheaded by Bank Negara Malaysia and supported by Financial Institutions, Government Agencies and local institutions.

Who can participate in FPX?
FPX involves transactions from B2B, B2C, G2G and G2C. Thus, anyone with Internet Banking facilities can be part of FPX.

Why FPX?
FPX is a practical solution which allows innovative e-commerce payments to be done online immediately. It also provides a level playing field and enhances competition.

What are it's features?
Security, Payment Assurance, Guaranteed Payments, Real-Time Operations and Cross Border Multi-Currency Transactions are just a few of FPXs features.

Which banks are part of FPX?
We are currently working with 4 pilot banks namely Bumiputra Commerce Bank, Public Bank, Bank Islam and Deutsche Bank. We are targeting more banks to be part of FPX during the nationwide roll-out.




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