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What is SSL?
The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol designed to provide encrypted communications on the Internet. It uses a combination of symmetric-key and public-key cryptography to create a secure connection.

SSL secures transactions, preventing eavesdropping, tampering, and impersonation. It provides encryption, tampering detection, and authentication.

Most common browsers like Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer support SSL. You can verify that your transmission is secure by looking for a closed padlock icon in the bottom bar of your browser window or verifying that the address of the displayed page begins with "https:" instead of "http:" .

How SSL works?
When you log onto a secure server it communicates with your browser for a few seconds. During this communication, it sends your browser encryption information that only it and your browser can read.

Once this encryption is set, it acts like a normal web page, except that all info coming or going is encrypted. This encryption makes it extremely difficult for any third party who would intercept the transaction to decipher it. (All this extra protection is why secure servers seem to run slower than their unsecure counterparts.)

How safe is it to shop over the Internet using SSL?
The SSL specifications prevent interception of cardholder account numbers, expiry date and payment information by unauthorised individuals through the use of proven encryption technology. Authentication of all parties to the transactions - cardholder, merchant and processing & issuing banks - is provided through the use of the digital certificate.

What is digital certificate?
A digital certificate is a statement signed by an independent and trusted third party (Certificate Authority) that contains three elements:

(a) Information about the person or company being certified.
(b) Public key information of the person or company. This certificate acts to bind the public key to the attributed information provided by the person or company.
(c) Certifying Authority's signature to add to the credibility of the certificate.




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